The Work

The Awakened Mind

Awakened MindFor almost three decades we have measured the brainwave patterns of people whose states of consciousness one would emulate – spiritual masters, meditation teachers, and people of optimum creativity in all walks of life. The brainwave pattern that we found, named the Awakened Mind™, is a combination of all four categories – beta, alpha, theta, and delta – in the right relationship and proportion.

Since beta is thinking and the combination of alpha, theta and delta is meditating, you can see that the masters are in a state of thinking and meditating simultaneously, with a flow of connection between the two functions. Someone in the Awakened Mind™ brainwave state has access to the unconscious empathy, intuition, and radar of the delta waves, the subconscious creative storehouse, inspiration and spiritual connection of the theta waves, the bridging capacity, lucidity and vividness of imagery, and relaxed detached awareness of the alpha waves, and the ability to consciously process thoughts in beta – all at the same time!

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